CMII Multipurpose Website

CMII has just developed a new product and they needed a multipurpose website to scale their market reach to global levels.

The Challenge
  • To enable CMII to promote and sell their products worldwide
  • To enable their customers to upload their proof of payment without having to leave the website
  • To build a thriving community around the product
  • To let customers verify the authenticity of their product from another reseller
The Solution
  • A web platform that allows customers to place an order and upload their deposit slip. No more extra e-mails.
  • A forum in the web platform that lets community members start new topics and reply to other people in the community.
  • A product registration feature wherein customers can register their product as verification of authenticity. Once they register, the product warranty is activated.
The Tech Stack
  • Django
  • HTML + CSS + JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Nginx + Gunicorn
  • AWS S3 Cloud Storage

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